You Do You!

Written by Anna Gould


As physiotherapists we are constantly asked our opinions on different forms of exercise. Everyone wants to know what the miracle exercise is, what will fix all your aches and pains, help you drop 10kgs and make you a billionaire by next Thursday. My answer is all of them and none of them.

Crossfit, F45, pole dancing, Zumba, power vibration plate, Pilates, Ab roller pro, thigh master, Jane Fonda, HIIT, LISS, boxing, yoga, Wii fit.  The truth is there is no miracle form of exercise and no bad exercise, although I’d say some of the above are questionable.

You are an individual therefore the exercise that suits you and your goals is going to be individual too. In modern times exercising is hard. There are so many forms of exercise and so much research out to there to suggest some are better then others. Choosing what form of exercise, who trains you, where and when to exercise has become a mind field.

When your balancing a 40 hour working week, relationships, family, a household and seeing constant bombardment of “body positive” social medial posts it can be easier just to ignore the fact that you haven’t worked up a sweat in 2 weeks and get on with your very busy life. In our modern lifestyles we are increasingly sedentary and honestly many of us don’t exercise enough. It is important for your mental and physical health and particularly important as you age.

With all the various factors at play, my advice is, do what makes you happy and what gets you moving.


Personally I exercise more for the mental benefits that the physical, I start my day with some pretty high intensity group training and by 8 am I feel like a boss b**** ready to take on the day. For others they may find a yoga session to be of benefit or beating some boxing pads after a long day in the office the best way to get happy.

If the exercise you choose makes you happy, then do it. If you enjoy it, you’ll do it and you’ll be lapping everyone on the couch. You’ll be a happier, more productive individual and who doesn’t want to be?!

When it comes to injuries and exercising, that’s what physio’s are here for. If you’ve got an ache or pain, don’t let someone tell you that your form of exercising is the problem. As physiotherapists we can assess you and the exercise you perform and modify it (in the short term) to address the pain and fix the problem, that’s what we’re trained in. Our goal is to get you back to 100% or even 110% so you’re not at risk of the injury again. Let us assess the issue and help you get back to doing what you love, because life is to short to not do what makes you happy and healthy!!