REVOREHAB - Vol. 1 - Balance

The Y Balance Exercise

A dynamic single leg balance test

This is a simple and reliable test to compare left and right sides for ankle flexibility, core and lower limb control as well as single leg strength

It can be used as a return to sport test or as part of a single leg balance/ proprioception program. 

How to do the exercise:

·      Place hands on hips

·      Bring one foot forward as far as possible, tap the ground without losing balance and return to the starting position

·      The athlete then reaches 45 degrees in a posterolateral direction and completes the same toe tap then returns to the starting position

·      They then reach 45 degrees in a posteromedical direction (bowling pose) and return to the start

·      Compare the distances of left and right in each direction

·      As an exercise athletes can complete 3-5 reps on one foot, then complete on the other side

Make sure each direction is symmetrical to reduce your risk of future injury and a safe return to sport!

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Mobilization: The Answer for Ankle Stiffness

Mobilization: The Answer for Ankle Stiffness

Ankle sprains are considered the most common sporting injury, with high re-injury rates (up to 80%) and often encompass persistent symptoms.  Sports involving cutting and agility such as basketball also have high rates of chronic instability (up to 70%) after an initial ankle injury, with a considerable impact on ones ability to train and compete.  The Ankle Mobility Matters blog covered the effects of persistent ankle stiffness and the associated foot, leg and knee conditions that can develop as a result of injury with significant functional deficits for those involved.