Daniel WEbster

REVOREHAB - Vol. 13 Hip Rehab

The Copenhagen exercise has been shown to significantly increase eccentric adductor strength as part of a successful injury prevention program. 

BEWARE: This is a high-level groin strength exercise that requires sufficient lateral trunk and groin strength to complete safely and effectively. 

Aim to master some simple groin exercises in stable positions and lateral plank variations on a mat prior to trying these exercises as part of the Copenhagen series to ensure sufficient technique.

Exercise A: Involves an isometric (static) hold with the top leg whilst raising the bottom leg under control


Exercise B: Involves the eccentric component on the top leg only by moving the hips and pelvis up and down throughout a comfortable and controlled arc of movement


Exercise C: Involves a combination of A & B.  This variation aims to lift the pelvis up first then bring the bottom leg up and squeeze under tension.  Lower the bottom leg down then pelvis down. 

Mobilization: The Answer for Ankle Stiffness

Mobilization: The Answer for Ankle Stiffness

Ankle sprains are considered the most common sporting injury, with high re-injury rates (up to 80%) and often encompass persistent symptoms.  Sports involving cutting and agility such as basketball also have high rates of chronic instability (up to 70%) after an initial ankle injury, with a considerable impact on ones ability to train and compete.  The Ankle Mobility Matters blog covered the effects of persistent ankle stiffness and the associated foot, leg and knee conditions that can develop as a result of injury with significant functional deficits for those involved.